Meet Baby Brynlee

Hello Friends + Family!

On June 30th 2017 at midnight, we checked into the hospital to welcome our baby into the world. Throughout this pregnancy we had many chances to find out the gender of our baby that was being formed; however, we stayed strong and kept it a secret. Plus, I knew it was going to be a boy so it didn’t matter ;). SURPRISE! It’s a GIRL!! BIMG_1402

The excitement and energy in the delivery room was unmatched since each one of us was eager to know if sweet Baby Littel was a boy or girl. Brynlee made her debut and the doctor introduced us to our DAUGHTER. You are kidding right. A GIRL? With Kyle having 4 brothers, me having 3 brothers and our first born being a boy, we have found ourselves in boy world so much we just assumed we were there to stay.

People have been asking me if it was worth the surprise or if I wished I would have found out so that I could prepare for her arrival. There is no other way I would have wanted that moment! In fact, I am SO glad I was wrong with my guess because the surprise we wanted was just that, a surprise! More like a shock!

Brynlee Rose Littel // Brynlee was the first (and only for a while) name we settled on when we found out we were pregnant with Paxton. Though the name Brynlee does not mean unity by definition, in our home the name Brynlee represents a story of unity. We have prayed for this child to be one who unifies with her brother, who works together well with others, who unifies her life with Christ, and who stands for unity in a very divided country. Unity. Brynlee we pray you grow into a woman who finds wholeness in Christ. Rose is my mothers middle name, my middle name and now my sweet daughters middle name.

Paxton loves his new role as a big brother. Many people warned us about regressions but they didn’t warn us about the kisses he would give that would wake her during a nap, the tight hugs that would nearly squeeze her eyeballs out of her head, and his ability to hear her cries miles away and his burning desire to fix what’s wrong. He absolutely adores his sweet baby sister. BIMG_1447BW

As we are adjusting to being parents of multiple children, we find ourselves so thankful for the outpouring of love and support from so many. We’ve been showered with meals, outfits, toys, diapers, and more. Our entire world looks different… its full of much more pink and much less sleep but there isn’t any other way we would have it.  BIMG_1638

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