A Letter to the 16 Year Old Me


Here I am in my twenties, many years removed from the choices I made in my teens, yet they still linger over my head every once in a while. I know that you are trying to figure out who you are on your own, but the people who care about you and are giving you advice know what they are talking about. You may think they don’t remember what it is like to be 16, but they do because the choices they made at 16 have impacted them too.

You don’t want to hear it but there are a couple things I really wish you would take to heart…

The relationship you are in is not worth your time or emotions. You are not going to marry him, so stop giving him all of your time and energy. Giving your heart away to someone who doesn’t treat you well creates trust issues and heart break that won’t be easy to work through. Don’t fool yourself, you don’t treat him well either. Your interactions are not healthy and are giving you both bad relationship habits. I know you think you love him but love doesn’t look like this. There is a relationship so much better for you out there, save your heart and emotions for it!

Wasting your money is not a good idea! Nothing you buy at 16 (other than you car) are going into your twenties with you. Instead of spending your money on the clothes that help you fit in, save it. Take it with you to college and pay for as much as you can during school rather than after. Students loans in your twenties suck way more than not having the overpriced pair of jeans everyone else has. Eat before you go out with your friends to help limit how much you spend; but, still have fun with the people who are in your life!

Respect your parents wishes. There is a reason they don’t want you out late and care about who your friends are and questions about the families you spend time with. They want the best for you. When they give you an answer you don’t like, don’t damage your relationship with words you will never be able to take back. Your families goes into your twenties with you, treasure these relationships. They will support you no matter what and become a massive support of encouragement for you. Trust them when they say they care about you and are basing their choices off of what is best for you.

Dear younger me, what you do today will impact your future.
What are some things you would tell the younger you?


  1. Lisa Tindal January 14, 2017 at 2:14 pm #

    You be you.


    • cassielittel January 14, 2017 at 4:06 pm #

      Yes! Don’t always feel the need to change with the people around you.


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