Emotional Thoughts About My Son Turning Two


On this day two years ago, my unborn son thought it would be a good day to introduce me to contractions at 5am. When you are not a morning person this is clearly the best way to be introduced to a contraction for the first time.  I will never forget sitting up in the middle of my sleep as fast as I could in the sharpest pain I had ever experienced (at that point) and thinking, “I am having this baby this weekend.” It was a Saturday in the middle of a Wisconsin winter wonderland and as quickly as I woke up to my first contraction, I went back to sleep.

Throughout the rest of the day I experienced light contractions, but nothing that stopped me from going about my day as normal. By 11pm those hardly anything contractions were coming every three minutes so I figured it was time to pack my hospital bag. Yes, it’s true… my hospital bag was being packed at 11pm while having contractions every three minutes. In my defense, at my Dr apt earlier that week I was told there would be no baby for a few weeks yet.

It wasn’t like the movies at all. We got to the hospital, they checked me in. I got the super controversial shot that I would never even think to deliver without. That shot slowed down my labor and that next morning (Jan 11) it picked back up and within just a short period of time we were meeting our precious baby boy, Paxton.

Two years ago I was given more advice than my brain knew how to handle. I was told why I should have an epidural, why I shouldn’t. Why I should nurse, why I shouldn’t. Why I should co-sleep, why I shouldn’t. Why I should only use button sleepers, why I should never. You get the point. People like to share their opinion. Throughout all the advice that I have been (and continue to be) given, there is one thing that everyone seems to agree on…

They grow so fast, cherish the moments.

I know two isn’t twenty and we have so much more life ahead of us, but how is the baby I delivered what feels like just yesterday having his second birthday? How did my 6lb baby become a whopping 20.5 lbs. How did my newborn become a toddler?

Thought it hurts my heart to admit, I know I can’t slow down time, all I can do is cherish and make the most of it. So on nights like tonight when my buddy wanted an extra story and extra cuddles before bed, he got them. Now that he is learning words and loves to be celebrated we say “love you” about a thousand times a day. Family dates, mom/son dates, and daddy/buddy dates happen weekly. Putting the phone down to sit and color is how I spend my afternoons. Giving him an extra 5 minutes in the bathtub and watching his pure joy is how I want to spend my Friday evenings. And on the days I can’t wait for bedtime… I always end up scrolling through the pictures on my phone falling deeper in love with all of who he is becoming.

My adventurous-no mom I can do it-sweet sweet boy, I absolutely love being your mommy. I don’t know why God picked me; but I won’t waste time questioning it, I’ll simply thank him by deeply cherishing you. Though you are just a tiny little guy (sorry buddy, you got my 4’11” genes) you make a great impact in my world each day and I know it’s just the beginning of the impact you will make on so many more lives.

Happy last day of being 1, world changer.
I love all things about you.
Your “Mamamama”

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