Who Loves a Good Deal?


Anytime I am in a clothing store, you will find me in one place and only place only: the back. If you are a clearance shopper, you know exactly why. Learning about the deals that exist in the back of the store has revolutionized how and when I do my clothes shopping. Why? It’s quite simple actually, I enjoy the price tag on a clearance item much more than I do a regular priced item. Let’s be real, who doesn’t feel like a champion and text all of their best friends when they walk out of a store getting multiple items for the price of one?

When the price tag is painful. I don’t like the price tag on clothes that are in the really cool stores without a deal. In the same regard, I don’t like the price tag that is attached to treating someone poorly. If we don’t pre think our words and place them through a “are the words I am about to say going to hurt this person” filter, we risk the chance of hurting others. Our words can damage and change the dynamics of relationships that we have. We can have all the right words but express it in all the wrong ways. Our tone matters deeply.

When the price tag is pretty. Clothes that are in the really cool stores and also on sale are the kind of price tags I like and when the deal is really good, you know I’m not just buying one item. Likewise, treating someone with genuine kindness produces the kind of friendships I’d like to have more than just one of. You know those moments when you have been stewing on a thoughtful compliment for someone in your life and you share it with them? Those moments create a bond that have the ability to last a while, don’t they? The price tag that comes with genuine affirmation often costs us very little but gives us a great return. Always remember, people can tell when your affirmation is genuine or not.

Insecurities will lie to us and tell us our words don’t have power and won’t impact other people; however, if this were true a rude stranger at a grocery store wouldn’t be able to instantly change our mood. When we recognize the power that we hold when we speak and as a result alter our words, we begin making healthy progress in our relationships with other people. Go about your days this week without saying anything negative to or about people. We can’t control how people respond, but we can control who we decide to be and we can even hit the reset button at any time in the day.

I hope you score some pretty great deal in the back of the store on your next shopping trip and leave a comment with your thoughts below.



  1. Vishal Singh January 8, 2017 at 1:09 pm #

    Yeah, I will surely do my best in my next deal……by the way I loved this blog…..it leaves a positive impact on mind…..great work friend….keep it up….I hope I will soon get some more interesting ones like this to read…..thank you.


    • cassielittel January 13, 2017 at 4:04 pm #

      Thank you! I am glad to hear it positively impacts you!


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